boooo, mono sucks

PSA: this is satirical. take everything you read with a grain of sugar. Infectious Mononucleosis. An incurable, untreatable, contagious disease caused by an infection with the Epstein-Barr virus. Said disease is contracted solely through saliva, and induces the worst of the worst of disease symptoms. It starts slowly, sneakily: a few yawns here and there, […]

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risky business

Some of my favorite life moments are the moments that mean nothing at all. The slow in-betweens where nothing significant is happening. There’s neither good nor bad, happy nor sad: just time and habit and normalcy. It’s these small, trivial times when my thoughts float in softly and unobtrusively. Sometimes they come when I’m cooking; […]

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Staying Sunk

Yesterday I threw my fears into a deep, cavernous lake, and they stayed sunk. To my knowledge, they’re still there. I was sitting in Triglav National Park with three friends, butts growing cold against the smooth pebbles on the beach. The sun was setting, in the slow, lazy way it does in the middle of […]

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feelin’ fortunate

Heidelberg, Germany -> Arles, France -> St. Maxime, France -> Nice, France -> Murnau, Germany -> Markt Einersheim, Germany -> Mainz, Germany -> Cologne, Germany -> Copenhagen, Denmark -> Stockholm, Sweden -> Krakow, Poland -> Warsaw, Poland -> Budapest, Hungary -> Heidelberg, Germany Four weeks later, and I am three hours away from coming full circle. […]

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abroad as told by apples

I’m going to write about my first semester abroad using the metaphor of an apple, because I’m eating an apple and it’s really juicy and tasty and there are so many kinds of apples and I love apples and I really think it’s doable. Red delicious, gala, pink lady, honey crisp, granny smith, and buckets […]

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revelation #3ish: tEchNicOLoR

When I was in 7th grade, I went on a road trip to Gambier, Ohio to visit my mom’s alma mater. While watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail on the small car television screen, my three best friends texted me to let me know they were no longer interested in being friends. They told […]

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revelation #2ish: instadeath

On a slow Sunday morning in the beginning of October, I set out from Moore Haus with no destination in mind, sporting my fierce tennis shoes and favorite pair of exercise pants. I turned off of the main road at the first trail I could find, and started chugging up the mountain behind the house. […]

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Madrid Brutals

I have my most real moments with myself when I’m on the toilet. I’m sitting there peeing and all of these memories come flooding in about embarrassing things I’ve done-like tripping in front of a cute guy (which happens all the freaking time), or making a dumb comment to someone, or imaging what I looked […]

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Halloween Jammin

Brugesbynoon & Amsterjams 30.10-1.11 Chocolate penises. Coffeeshops (very different from coffee shops). Janky rental bikes. Scantily clad women (to put it mildly). Houseboats. Fried mashed potatoes & crepes & iced waffles & kabobs & pizza & MUNCHIES. Bench sleeping, cigar smoking, beer drinking. This weekend was one for the books. It all started on a […]

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